RUPSA Bangladesh

Dalit & Horizon Community Livelihood Development Program


Project Duration:

Project Overview:

Ministry of Social Welfare & District Social Welfare intended that RUPSA as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) from Khulna impart training to Dalit & Horizon Community Livelihood development program. Gender issues, health & hygiene, savings & credit management, various skills on income generation activities (IGA) enabling them to start self-employment activities after they phased out; stakeholders on gender and environmental issues; and imparting training to the trans shopkeepers of Women Market Section at improved Growth Center Market under the project on Dalit & Horizon livelihood development. RUPSA as an NGO specialized in providing training was being invited for preparing RFP in the package Dalit & Horizon community livelihood development program for Khulna region working area to perform the services.

Funded By: Ministry of Social Welfare