RUPSA Bangladesh

Mangrove Reforestation Project (MRP)


Project Duration: 

Project Objectives:

The world’s single largest mangrove forest Sundarbans’ has substantial ecological and economic importance in the local, national, and global context. Sundarbans mangrove ecosystem is the safeguard and livelihood support for 3.2 million climate-vulnerable river-based coastal island people. But due to human cruel activities and natural hazards mangroves are reducing day by day. So, we want to reforestation mangroves by planting 20 lacs mangroves in the Sundarbans river-based coastal region of Bangladesh.

Throughout this project, 20 lacs trees will be planted in the Sundarbans coastal areas of Bangladesh. Planted mangroves will protect riverbank erosion and save the households near the riverside from different natural calamities like cyclones, floods,s, etc. Once the planted mangroves get adult, they will become the house of various types of biodiversity. Community living beside the planted area can also make Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) from those mangroves to reduce their poverty

Funded By: OISCA-IDB-Japan Bangladesh.