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Corona (COVID 19) Prevention Initiative (CPI)

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced countries around the world to adopt measures such as flight bans, mandatory lockdowns and social distancing to prevent the pandemic from spreading. South Asian nation, Bangladesh has also followed suit, banning flights and shutting down schools, colleges but some emergency service offices still remain open in one of the poorest countries in the world. However, with no “total lockdown” order imposed by the government, millions of people are out on the roads every day, to search for their means of livelihood. Social distancing is a way of controlling infectious disease. But in a densely populated country like Bangladesh, it is difficult to enforce social distancing in many areas. Especially, consider the slums in cities where millions of people live. They are living in such close quarters that it’s unthinkable to enforce social distancing there. That’s why we have provided face protection masks and sanitary materials for the vulnerable group can help to prevent or slow down the further spread of Coronavirus.

Published on: December, 2020

Establishment of Supply Structures for Sanitary Napkin Production to Promote Menstrual Hygiene in Dacope, Bangladesh

The MHI project has been implemented in the Dacope Sub-district under Khulna district of Bangladesh with duration of 6 months from April 2019 to September 2019. Poor Women and adolescent and school girl students were the prime beneficiaries of the project. The main objective of the project was to improve the menstrual Hygiene management of the poor women and girls of the project area. The major activities of the project were a Production centre set-up, women group formation and orientation, Reusable Napkin set Production and marketing, awareness raising event at both educational institute and community level, and health camp organize to provide MHM services. The major outcomes of the project were improved menstrual hygiene management, built capacity of the selected women on production of reusable napkin, increased income of the tailors and sales agents, increased capacity of women leaders, increased access of reusable napkin to the poor women and students and available it in the market and increased awareness among women and girls students on menstrual hygiene management, improved reproductive health status of the poor women, increased use of reusable sanitary napkin and developed a market chain on reusable sanitary napkin.

Published on: October, 2019

Menstrual Hygiene Promotion Initiative (MHI)

This final report explains the measures taken in the project “Menstrual Hygiene Promotion Initiative (MHI)” in Dacope, Bangladesh as part of a pilot MHI initiative. The project was carried out in cooperation with ASCEND e.V., based in Hannover who also funded and coordinated the project.
RUPSA expresses its gratitude to all employees, partners, supporters and sponsors for their tireless efforts, their unwavering dedication and outstanding collaboration, which made possible the successful implementation of this project.

Published on: July, 2018